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Natural. Beautiful. You.


About Nora Biocosmetics

nōrā brings you exclusive, bespoke, nurturing skin care using natural herbs and proven traditional remedies. Our products invite you to step closer to nature, simplicity, tranquility, health and family.


Our products are rich in all-natural ingredients that nourish your mind, body and soul.

The roots of nourishment

In this busy, modern and increasingly urbanised life, many of us feel disconnected from nature, ourselves and each other. Despite our best efforts we can be overwhelmed with tasks, technology, to-do lists and choices, and bewildered by unnecessarily complicated products with questionable chemicals and fillers.

We know it can be different. At nōrā we have a deep understanding of wellbeing, and of the beauty in simplicity. We know that all of the elements of our life are interwoven and can contribute to or undermine our health. It’s all about care: caring for our environment, and caring for you and your family’s health and wellbeing.

Our products: where less is more, leaving room for you

Whether it’s nutritional, physical, emotional or spiritual, we all need daily nourishment  - and to have a little richness and luxury that’s just for us.

Our face creams, body butters, bath salts and healing balms are pure yet powerful. They uplift and prepare you for your day, and at your day’s end they give you respite, repair and nurturing, and bring you back to yourself by encouraging self-care. They’re soothing  and simple, because we believe that less is more, leaving room for expression of your unique beauty and personality.

However, simple doesn’t always mean easy. Our recipes are the culmination of years of formal education, trial and error, testing, intuition, and following proven ancient practices passed down and evolved through the generations.


Our products are never tested on animals and our cosmetic range is vegan. We offer personalised vegan herbal balms on request.

Nora Biocosmetics handcrafts NZ skin care from 100% natural incredients

About Nora 

Combine German and Sinti roots with a family tradition of homegrown botanicals and those found in the South Pacific, and you have a recipe for skin health and vitality.

Nora Franz is the founder and creator of nōrā skincare products. With Sinti ancestry tracing back to Pakistan and hailing from Germany, Nora is now firmly planted in New Zealand. Like so many other enterprising and successful Kiwi business founders, she developed her products in a little home studio in magical Mangawhai, north of Auckland, and now she takes them to the world.

Nora’s journey: a natural legacy

'I grew up in Germany, where we had three generations under one roof home on my mother’s side, and where I was infused with the practices of using traditional herbal remedies from a young age.

However, it was my father who taught me that we are a part of, not separate from, our environment. This has been integral to my outlook, philosophy, personal and family values, and my product development.

The Kiwi connection

After I had studied and worked as a Remedial Therapist I decided travel to New Zealand for my big overseas experience. Quickly I found a job working with people with special needs and I fell in love with the country. Two years later I met my Kiwi partner, and started a family.


My childhood roots and continued fascination with the natural world drew me to formally gain a Diploma in Herbal Studies. I learned about plants I knew from Europe and gained more knowledge of all of the amazing botanicals that grow right here in lush and abundant Aotearoa New Zealand, the native plants that were made good use of by both ancient and modern generations of Maori, and how to integrate them into effective and gorgeous balms and infusions.

Soothing skin care solutions - why not?

My son was born with eczema and he taught me that what might work for some, might not work for others. Taking a holistic approach to him as an individual enabled me to create herbal remedies tailored to his needs. Using my training, I started making my own pure, natural creams and remedies for him as well as my wider family and friends. The feedback was amazing, and encouraged me to start nōrā biocosmetics.

The first cosmetic product was the rose cream, which I developed over two years of trial and error, and troubleshooting... It's still our bestseller. Since then I’ve added a whole range of other scents and styles - body butters, day and night creams, healing balms and soothing bath salts, and I invite you to browse through my site and find the products that suit your needs.'

"My father lived in the wild, natural world and talked to me about every leaf and bird we saw. I gained a deep appreciation, respect for and love of nature from him."
                     ~ Nora

Browse our natural skincare products and discover what makes nōrā biocosmetics special.

We offer soothing balms, nourishing body butters, elegant face creams, revitalising bath soaks and more organic, vegan goodness for your skin!


Whether you have a question on one of our products, would like a consultation or order something special, Nora would love to hear from you.


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